A Little About Me...

My love affair with the Yorkshire Terrier breed started back in
2001 when I began the search for my first Yorkie. I purchased my
first yorkie in 2004 and I was completely "LuvStruck" at first sight.  It
was so easy to fall in love with this breed and with each new yorkie
addition we have made to our family I fall more and more in love.

Breeding has become a passion of mine, it is about working
to breed to the AKC breed standard set forth by the YTCA.  We are
always looking to produce that "perfect yorkie"...in breed type, health
and temperament.  Breeding is more than just a hobby for us, it is
about striving for excellence within the Yorkie breed.

Our yorkies are a very important part of our family.  
My husband and our three children are instrumental in helping me
raise healthy, happy yorkies.  Everyone in the family has been
LuvStruck with this breed.

~ Shari

 A Little About Our Yorkies...

All our yorkies live in our home and are considered a part of our
family.  We believe that yorkies are the happiest when they can share
their lives with the people they love and we could not imagine it any
other way.  All of our yorkies are health screened by our veterinarian
and carefully selected for our breeding program.

We are working towards the goal of proving our yorkies
and their puppies in the show ring.  I am looking forward to this new
adventure and am inspired to reach this dream.  The extra one on
one time that I will be able to spend with each of them during
training, grooming and exhibiting will be a complete joy.  

All of our yorkies are registered with the American Kennel Club.

 A Little About Our Puppies  

All LuvStruck puppies are born and raised in our home and
in the loving hands of each and every member of our family. My goal
is to breed and raise beautiful, healthy & happy Yorkshire Terriers.

My entire family starts interacting with them at a very early age.
Including my husband and our 3 children and grandchildren. We do
name all of our puppies at an early age to strengthen the bond we
have with them, as if they were to be ours forever.  Although forever
names are of course determined by their new families.

All of our puppies are sold as companions with Limited
AKC Registration and on spay/neuter contracts. If we have a puppy
that we feel is worthy of breeding or showing then we may place the
puppy in a responsible show/breeder home.  Full registration must be
discussed prior to placing a deposit on puppy.

All puppies will have a vet health exam, a normal liver enzyme
blood test, first set of vaccines, worming if necessary,  puppy pack
(includes a of high quality dog food to transition  your new puppy, toys
and blanket) and a 1
5 month written health guarantee.

I reserve the right to cancel the sale of any puppy at any time up
until the time of transfer of puppy for any reason I feel is
appropriate.  I take my responsibility to find the perfect home for
each of my puppies seriously and will work hard to ensure they are
placed in wonderful homes.

All puppies are with us for at least 12 weeks possibly
longer  if we have a smaller puppy or one that we are evaluating for
show quality/potential.  All puppies sold as show prospects are
just that, there are no guarantees that these dogs will be
show quality as an adult.  

I have been very blessed through breeding to have met
some wonderful breeders who have in time become wonderful
friends and some mentors. If we do not have the puppy for you I
would be happy to recommend someone who may.

If you are considering a LuvStruck Yorkie for your
family please contact me.

Contact Shari
Located in Michigan
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