Meet 'Pixie'
CH. You and Me Nove Kasio
Sire: International Champion Bugatti Veyron
Dam: O'aa Nyota Cambridgeshire
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The moment this little girl came into my life I knew she
was something special. "Pixie" came to me from the
Czech Republic. The day I got her I took her out on a
lead and just knew this was a show dog. What to do
about the tail?? She used her tail for so much expression
I decided I couldn't have it docked. So our journey
began in the show world with a tail. It had it moments
but I learned so much from you, from people, and I
wouldn't trade a moment of our journey. She is a
delightful happy go lucky Yorkie. A wonderful
companion and mother to her children. She is the base
of some beautiful Yorkies here at LuvStruck and I
cannot thank her breeder Marcela Zarubova enough for
allowing me to love our "Pixels"!!!
The End