Meet 'Nike'
Am GCH CH LuvStruck's Don't
Sweat My Swag
Sire: Heartbreaker vom Woogthal
Dam: JaLa's Come Dance With Me
Nike was born here at LuvStruck at a time when I was
looking for my first show dog. Convinced I was looking
for a girl. We had a litter of 6 boys. I was not keeping
another boy. But then this special little boy kept
tugging at my heart strings and....the rest is history. My
first show dog and first Grand Champion here at
LuvStruck. This little dog owns every piece of my heart.
Always will.......
Independent, yet needy. Likely due to the spoiling by
his mommy. Nike is retired now from showing and has
given us a beautiful daughter that hopefully will follow
in his footsteps!
Love my Nike Do!